If love was ever encapsulated by a bubble of melodies, riddled with tunes we all know and love…this is the place.
If you seek the joy of uniting, and reuniting with new faces and loved ones shrouded by a common love of real music…this is the place.
If spending time with a crowd of people could ever feel more like home and less like claustrophobic…this is the place.
If you desire to be snatched away by time and allowed the freedom of singing real music with like-minded people…this is the place.
If ever you wanted to forget about the goings-on in the world around us, and envelop yourself with love and pure laughter…this is the place.

And….for us…

This was the place we graciously socialize, heavily shop, enthusiastically sing out loud, sit and intensely converse, listen wholeheartedly, energetically dance forever, and exhaustedly walk a mile throughout Hershey Lodge. But it is always worth it…every bit of it. For, this is the place we fight every year to return because life, as it is right now, does not afford us the luxury of snapping our fingers alongside up-close-and-personal genuine nostalgic iconic entertainers who earnestly enjoy rubbing elbows with us. This is the place we attend year after year after year in order to recuperate from the hustle and bustle of life’s nonsense. Thank you Maurice “The Voice”Watts…thank you Lincoln “Swag-Man” Sessoms, thank you bus captain, Ken”Big” Murph…and all of the others supporters and powers that be enabling us to enjoy such a rapture of goodness on an annual basis.

For those of you contemplating whether or not next year would be a good fit…it would depend. But in my opinion…I would not recommend it…

Well…That is…

…Unless you’re a stone-cold-positive-junkie for excellent incredible music. Unless you’re jones-in for a whiplash ride back into time where R&B is still healthy, alive and well. Unless you desperately feel at ease with the tunes of our youth and the dances accompanied with such melodies. And only if you sincerely want to fall in love with life and love of the old schoolness rooted deep inside of us all over again.

If this is the case…I mean…if this description best encompasses you

Then I would have to say…welcome aboard, my new friends…welcome aboard.

I’m Through Now.