Okay, now that I can sit down at my computer and tell the world about the weekend I had Nov 3-5. at The 11th Classic R&B Weekend in Hershey Pa. I just want to say thank you, thank you and thank you again to Lincoln Sessoms and Maurice Watts. I cannot begin to tell you what a good time I had…I got to see old friends and neighbors who were performers. The lineup of entertainers topped last years show. I attended a women’s empowerment session, hosted by Martha Hunter and Karen Shockness…lots of information was shared amongst us women. Great job ladies… The vendors, old and new, spent lots and lots of money…all I can say, if you missed it, you missed one hell of a show and weekend…I give Lincoln and Maurice a standing ovation on a job well done. I cannot wait for next year…Between dancing and walking five miles a day from my room to the activities..I must have lost at least 10 lbs…(much needed) lol…Getting ready to secure my spot for next year…anyone interested in having a great time, with good people…the event next year is Oct 5-7, 2018..hit me up for more info


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  1. Hi Cookie, please include me , I had such a great weekend. Put me on your list for next year. I’m going to register

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