I have to start off by saying this, growing up i never thought i would see my favorite artist/Groups in person let alone play there music on a regular basis, yet to my surprise not only have i been able to do both, i have been able to rub elbows with them thanks to Maurice “THE VOICE” Watts and Lincoln Sessoms who have put together the greatest show on earth that i love to call the getaway of all getaways aka the Greatest show on earth, if you have never been to one of the past 10 Classic R&B weekends, you should be ashamed of yourself, yet have no fear another one is coming up soon and guess who Lords willing will be in the building in Hershey Lodge……. Big Murph and friends. Thank you for all the hospitality and chance to meet and greet my favorite artist. QUESTION?……….. HOW DO THEY TOP THE 10TH ANNUAL? OK OK JUST SHOW UP TO THE 11TH.