The 10th R&B Concert and Conferences is a great time for me. My experiences in attending is having great fun with my friends. Seeing and feeling the entertainers put on a performances that you will never for get. Maurice Watts and Lincoln Sessoms out did themselves this year. These guys can put on a show that keeps you coming back every year. The 10th Annual concert will be my 7th year in attending. I got on the Ken Murph bus on 125th Street in Harlem, NY and we rock the bus to Hershey, PA. That Saturday morning, I experiences going to the Hershey’s new Swimming Pool. I tell you I got a good swim that Saturday morning. Felt good all day with plenty of energy. (LOL) Experience Hershey’s big candy store and exhibits. Having dinner and having fun in the Fashion Show, and the on to the concert! What a great concert! I am looking forward to what Maurice and Lincoln have in store for the 11th Annual Concert and Conferences next year 2017!? Maurice Watts and Lincoln Sessoms you are the “BOMB”!