It dawned on me going home just how much I needed this weekend. It was a wonderful reprieve to a fast pace life. From the meet and greets, to the sad goodbye’s to new found friends. It was a great privilege to enjoy the Classic R&B weekend. We talked about many things over the weekend, the most profound is how our love for our music seems to being pushed away for Hip Hop on major radio stations. Being able to be a long-time faithful member of the Love Zone on Friday nights is a four hour break to a busy schedule. Being able to hear such great accomplished Musicians and having the opportunity to meet, take pictures and speak to these Musicians is beyond comprehensible. Sitting in the audience and realizing that The Whispers have been in the Music business for over 50 years and growing up on every song was unbelievable. Watching the Tavares received a long overdue accomplishment of a Life time Achievement Award was mind-blowing. Listening to the timeless voice of Russell Thompkins Jr. had me in awe. Listening to the timeless music of Ray, Goodman and Brown had me mentally in a long lost era. We must continue to support Maurice “the Voice” Watts who selfishly gives of his time, monies, family and energy to help keep our Music alive. The hotel was excellent in there services, the location is ideal and meeting so many wonderful people who enjoy R&B Music is a wonderful opportunity. Now if I can only stop wanting to do the “right foot stomp” when I think about the all night dance party and midnight buffets I’ll be okay.