All I can say is OMG!! The R&B weekend for me was heaven! It brought me back to the (in my opinion and i’m a sure for others) best times in my life! The 70s party, the entertainers had me partying like I was in my 20s again…..Carefree and enjoying life! This was my first time and God willing won’t be my last. I will be there EVERY YEAR it’s going on. Voice Distribution and The Sessom Group did a phenomenal job in making the patrons enjoy every second of every minute of the complete weekend! There was so much too do you couldn’t do it all but I did 90% of the events!. The 70s party was a definite hit and hopefully it will be on the itinerary again. I got pictures with Stephanie, Enchantment, Ray Goodman and Brown, Dynamic Superiors and autographed CD by Atlantic Starr. My phone died so I couldn’t get a picture with them. I can go on and on but you get the basic picture. If you need a review to come for the first time, read all the reviews! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!!!!?????


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