I would like to thank Maurice Watts and Lincoln Sessoms for another OUTSTANDING weekend. I had an AWESOME time at the 12th Annual Classic RnB event. This year lineup up was SPECTACULAR and the best artist ever. Kicking things off Friday night with GREAT performances by Dynamic Superiors who sung my favorite song “Shoe Shoe Shine” Special Formula Band who did the dayum thang as always…James Petawane Burris he showed up and tore it up he is definitely a real show stopper his tribute too our dear friend the late Tony Showtime Riley was AMAZING….Beautiful Songbird always does her thang. But the best thing this year which I loved was the 70’s Customs Party it was a big hit and everyone looked so nice in their outfits.Then kicking off Saturday night with a lovely dinner and awards ceremony followed by Stephanie Mills…Atlantic Starr…Howard Hewitt…Soul Generation…Ray Goodman and Brown…Enchantment and Peaches and Herb. I don’t how you’re gonna top this next year but I really hope you bring back Atlantic Starr. To Voice Distribution and The Sessoms Group and staff I thank you and appreciate you for all the hard work y’all do to make this event take place. Maurice Watts and Lincoln Sessoms thank you for always allowing me and Debbie Russell Staton to be apart of the event doing the tee shirts we love you both. I love you and can’t wait for next year, may God continue to bless you and your families ?❤


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