I have been tryin to get to “The randbweekendclassic CONCERT since last year! Some dear friends suggest I didn’t due to personal reasons! Well finally I made it this WEEKEND and I’m looking forward to going to the 2019 event! I CONTINUE to pray that GOD continues to bring my other half to me, so we can resume sharing this old school music that we grew up on TOGETHER! I also bumped into Vanessa Jordan,Stuart( Black Ivory), Kev(Ray,Goidman&Brown) and Melissa & David or Wayne from, ATLANTIC STARR! I shared my PERSONAL story with those 2, since MOST of their songs reflects My life! Overall, the decorations, people,security The Whole Platform Stage was Phenomenal! Wouldn’t have missed it for the WORLD!!! Thank you Lincoln & Maurice! Special shout out to Debbie!! Love you ALL!❤ THE WHOLE ATMOSPHERE WAS AWESOME!


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